New fanart: Paint it Black

Sam and Lucifer, Supernatural series. In Digital and Fanart


This painting was born while I was driving. I spent a lot of time drawing sketches of Sam, but none of them was good enough, they were just some random... portraits. Boring. I was looking for something a bit more conceptual, and I also wanted to depict him with his doppel/"guardian angel" just like I did with Dean.

So, I was driving on the highway and my stereo started to play Paint it Black.
It screamed "Sam" to my ears. And this image popped in my mind, following almost literally the lyrics.
The black paint, you can interpret it as you like.
To me, it's Sam trying cope, to hide from himself, from his own face. Trying to kill the image the mirror gives back to him, because everytime he looks at it, he sees Lucifer.
Or, it's just Sam going dark.

The color scheme:
Initially I had no idea of what colors to use, and when I have no idea I usually start from a dull shade of purple. Maybe because it creates a good contrast with the skin tones, and makes them pop out.
Then again, purple? For Sam? It didn't seem to suit him.

Except that it does. According to color symbology, purple/violet, being the result of the union of a warm tone - red - and a cold tone - blue -, is the weirdest and most unsettling of the colors; it's the color of ambiguity and duplicity, of good and evil in the same place... or person.

Red, as you probably know very well, is the color of blood and fury, of passion and violence, of the most animalistic instincts of the human being. It's historically connected to Dyonisus, the Horned God. Whose iconography and imagery were later taken by Christianity and applied to Satan.


I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

I see a line of cars and they're all painted black
With flowers and my love both never to come back
I see people turn their heads and quickly look away
Like a new born baby it just happens ev'ry day
I look inside myself and see my heart is black

It's not easy facin' up when your whole world is black

The Rolling Stones, Paint it Black

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    Juicers Reviews (mercoledì, 17 aprile 2013 17:47)

    I just shared this upon Twitter! My friends will really want it!