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Dean Winchester and Castiel, Supernatural.

I've kept this piece buried in my spn art folder for too long already. More than 4 months, for sure. There was always something that needed to be fixed, something unfinished... But yesterday I looked at it again, and decided that it is okay the way it is. I know I won't work on it anymore, so... there you go.


I was already halfway through painting this piece, when I realized one thing. Every time I think of picturing Dean and Cas together, Dean is kinda looking away and unaware of Cas' presence in the background, fully absorbed in whatever he is doing at the moment, and Castiel is silently watching - and listening to - him.
This is the second picture in which I've unconsciously replicated this pattern. I don't know why, but there is always this incomprehension thing, this 'communication breakdown' (the first title that popped in my mind), between Dean and Cas in my mind.
Dean is the one who is constantly unaware, who keeps his eyes and mind constantly focused on material matters so that he can go on ignoring what is really going on in his life and in his soul. And Castiel, despite his clueless demeanor, is the one who's really in charge, who truly knows what's better for Dean. And he is simply content to silently guard Dean, whether or not he acknowledges his presence.

It's like, Dean has spent his entire life secretly screaming for a guiding force from above, and Cas has always been there trying to tell him "I'm here, I'm right behind you, smartass!", but Dean has never been able to actually hear him. Not really. And this is the beauty and the tragedy of their relationship.


Photoshop CS3 + Wacom Bamboo tablet

Characters ©CW
Artwork ©kittrose

Close-ups, square version on my blog: [link]

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