Zoe September - Commission






Zoe September.


Commissioned illustration for heyweirdgirl1988.


Zoe September is an original character created by Danielle (~heyweirdgirl1988). She's a Dyani, a member of an ancient lineage of hunters who were given magical powers in order to fight evil and all kinds of demonic  creatures.


Tumblr post: [link]




Photoshop CS3 + Wacom Bamboo + lots of hours


I used some stock for the background : ~jesuisautre's stone floor and ~lukeroberts's custom shapes for the graffiti tags... and a few other graffiti brushes (I need to track them down).


Character © heyweirdgirl1988

Artwork © kittrose







And as it often happens with my art (sadly) I personally like the wips and sketches more than the finished painting. 


Here's a sketch:





And here's a WIP:






But the commissioner requested me a finished painting that included a number of very specific details (the t-shirt, the leather coat, the boots, the holsters and guns, a more contextualized background hinting she is in a warehouse, etc.) so I just couldn't leave this one all fuzzy and rough as it is. 

Maybe I'll recycle this wip for some future personal project.


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