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Last updated: 20/04/2018



- Pencil or digital lineart or sketch ( + optional post processing in Photoshop);

- Can be stylized or more realistic;

- Typically intended for a bust/waist up figure, but can include other simple elements (trees, animals, symbols, etc.)

- Simple background, either solid black or solid white, with minimal shading;

- The final artwork will be a digital image (I won't sell the original sketch)

- Any additional character will be charged 50% of the base price


- Can be stylized or realistic;

- Typically bust/waist up;

- Portrait or square layout;

- Can include minor additional elements (such as an object, a detail of clothing, a motif, a symbol) as long as the focus of the piece remains the face(s);

- Full color (unless otherwise preferred);

- Simple, plain or atmospheric (e.g. fog, chiaroscuro, smoke effects) background;

- Fully digital;

- Any additional character will be charged 50% of the base price


- This is the most complex category as well as the most flexible;

- Available in portait, landscape, square or customized layout;

- Can include more detailed background, multiple characters, animals, objects, motifs and so on, as long as they're compatible with my artistic skills and style;

- Full color (unless otherwise preferred);

- Fully digital;

- Any additional character will be charged 50% of the base price

general info

  • Before I start working, I might require a non-refundable down payment (not more than 50% of the agreed upon commission price) and the signing of a short contract to define the terms.
  • I accept payments in EURO via paypal
  • The FORM of my commissions is a high-resolution DIGITAL IMAGE (this includes type 1). You will receive the artwork either via email or via Dropbox link if the size exceeds the limits.
  • Please remember that I will retain a certain freedom in the interpretation of your concept, which will be always and unequivocally drawn in my style.
  • I will also retain the right to refuse a commission if I'm too busy at the moment or if it's something I consider too complex for my artistic skills or I don't feel comfortable producing. 

how to request a commission

Mail to  claudia.crf [at]   with the following info:  

  • the type of commission you chose (1, 2, or 3);
  • a brief description of your idea (example: a young girl with a balloon sitting below a tree; king Thranduil in modern clothes; a cloaked man riding a wolf; a simple portait of Character X; etc.); no need to be detailed, I just want to be able to know what you're asking for;
  • (optional) good quality photo references for poses/facial features/etc.
  • the destination (for personal or commercial use); 
  • your paypal address;
  • the deadline, if there is one;
  • any other information you think I should know in advance.


The prices above are indicative. The final price will be set individually for each commission, depending on:

  • the level of realism;
  • the amount of details and complexity;
  • the presence of additional elements (extra characters, objects, details, specific clothing and poses, full figures, a scenery/landscape instead of a plain background);
  • original character design

IMPORTANT! The fees described in this page only refer to personal commissions.

Personal commissions are intended for personal, non commercial use, which means I retain the copyright of the image, including the rights to sell prints of it.  If you already know you will be needing the artwork for commercial purposes (such as using it as a book cover) or you just want to purchase the artwork's copyright, please refer to my COMMERCIAL PROJECTS page.

rules & usage terms

Rules for personal commissions
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